Popcorn Ceiling removal by the Best Custom Painting Contractor in Lompoc, Santa Ynez, Solvang and Santa Maria

Removing accoustic ceilings (better known as popcorn ceilings) can be a very messy and labor intensive job.  It needs to be performed by professionals because there are many steps to this process to perform the job correctly.  Older accoustic ceilings contain asbestos and is treated as a hazardous material. I have the most experienced crew that will remove the ceiling using latest techniques and you can be sure – we always use the safest equipment to protect ourselves and the enviornment.

Once the old ceiling is removed repairs are needed to fix damaged drywall, it can also reveal other damage in the sub-structure, (i.e. water damage, sagging ceilings).  We do all the repairs required to ensure your ceilings are in excellent shape for the next phase. Once repairs are made texturing the ceiling will need to be done – we have texture technicians that provide your new ceilings with a very professional look. The process requires skill and experience and here at Charles Whitmore Custom Painting we have the most experienced personnel for the job.  I ensure the mess is cleaned up!”

Finally the ceiling is ready for sealing and painting.

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  1. Mr Patch says:

    Popcorn ceiling removal is rather difficult and I can definitely recommend these guys as I am also in the game. Great Plasterer

  2. KarletaG says:

    Very informative blog post.Much thanks again. Great.

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks KarletaG .We look forward to putting more information and pictures on the website of the custom work we do. If you have any questions about painting , you can always give us a call or write us an email. Thanks.

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