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Just ask me.  How should I paint the stucco on my house?  What’s the best method for stucco painting?  How long will the paint last if I paint the stucco on my house?  All these questions are summed up in one word – “Preparation”.

I’ve had many people tell me they’ve heard you should never paint stucco, that doing so will trap water in between my walls and exterior and turn it to mush? I’m telling you this is not true.  We don’t  live in the southeast, we live in the greatest weather anywhere. Furthermore stucco is porous and will absorb moisture. When it freezes it expands and will cause stucco to crack. Sealing stucco is the best way to prevent this and paint is one of the best sealers out there.

Stucco has been painted for years and years in California.  Just drive down any street and see all the houses that are painted.  And they all look great.  I have painted hundreds of stucco houses, walls and fences.  The key to painting stucco is the prep work.  If not done correctly it will not last.  When I paint stucco I use an Elastomeric product.  I also recommend to all my clients to use a satin finish because of the way it seals it from water getting into the stucco material, it beads the water off the stucco.  The paint expands and contracts with the weather to prevent new cracks from occurring and holds old cracks together longer.  It’s also more washable and holds up longer from fading.

It’s not a problem to paint stucco. I’ve painted a number of houses with stucco and have never had a problem – there are two types of stucco textures. The smoothed stucco is easily roll-able – I use a medium roller and apply the paint generously. The course or ‘deep’ stucco is a little different with a heavier roller. I highly recommend getting a painting contractor to complete the job.

The following you tube clip shows a stucco patch job – you can see in the clip there is an art to repairing and finishing stucco:



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  1. Georgene Littlefair says:

    Very small patch job under exterior window, rough stucco. If you can’t do it, who do you recommend?

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