Affordable textured walls and ceilings.

Texturing your walls and ceilings does a lot to your home’s look and feel. It can totally change the appearance from a smooth finish to a swirling pattern to a knockdown look. It also helps reduce echoing in the rooms.

If you are adding a new room or a new wall then you will be starting with a clean drywall surface. The seams will be taped and covered with sealing compound then sanded to give you a seamless wall or ceiling surface. I then prime the surface to help bond the texture material to the wall or ceiling. At this point you need to decide on the texture design that you want.

If you have an existing wall or ceiling I can sand it down to a smooth surface and re-texture it to almost any design you want. But if you’re starting new I use a machine called a Texture gun. It’s essentially a spray gun that blows texture material onto the surface. I can get many different looks by changing the nozzle pressure and the consistency of texture material. With the availability of many types of tips for the gun I can apply different types of designs such as an “orange peel” or a heavier looking texture called “knockdown”.

If you prefer just a light texture there are many paint products that contain texture material that can be rolled to achieve the different effects as well.

So pick up the phone and call me and we’ll discuss all the changes you want to make. That new look or feel of a room (or complete house makeover) is just a phone call away! Remember, “I’ll always work within your budget”.